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Horology is the Science of Time, Timekeepers (Clocks, Watches) and Timekeeping

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Electronic Resources regarding Horological Information :

(Bulltin Boards, Mailists, downloadable Software, Directories, Newsgroups, etc.)

(except horological Homepage Websites)

  1. Address List (e-mail) of Cyber-HorologistsAlphabetical
  2. Geographical Address List (e-mail) of Cyber Horologists
  3. E-Zines and electronic Periodicals on Horology:
    1. Canada: Quebec:Le Gnomoniste en francais (sundials only), full text and tabel of contents on line.
    2. France: Temps (in French)
    3. Netherlands:Watch-it!The dutch based e-zine for the watch collector, in English
    4. Switzerland: Watch Industry International News Digest (by Centredoc, Switzerland)
    5. USA, New England: Unravel the Gavel, a e-zine with auction news (not only horological auchtions)
    6. Horological Association of Maryland - Newsletter (Online edition)
  4. Horological Calendars & Event Lists
  5. Horological SOFTWARE (mostly downloadable)
  6. Horological Databases on CD-ROM:
    1. Flume 1887-1937, digitized copy of the standard German reference work on watch replacement parts, published by Michael Stern, Berlin
  7. Online Horological Research Services:
    1. Historical Clock and Watch Research , for a fee, UK based,by Toni Harrison-Smith
  8. Newsgroups (Usenet) concerned with Horology and related subjects:
    1. alt.horology (basic Horological Newsgroup)
    2. comp.protocols.time.ntp (Concerns Network time protocol for computer networks)
    3. rec.crafts.metalworking (incl.Metalworking , Wheelcutting & Machining by hobbyists)
    4. sci-geo.satelite-nav (re. GPS, one of the most accurate timekeeping systems in use)
    5. sci.archeology (the history of science and technology)
    6. rec.collecting
    7. rec.woodworking (incl. repair and restoration of clockcases)
    8. rec.antiques
    9. rec.antiques.marketplace

  9. Maillists concerned with horological subjects:
    1. CLOCKS Broad based Maillist for professional and amateur horologists, officially both clocks and watches, de facto more clocks, administerd at at syr.edu
    2. CLOCKSMITHS, formerly CLOCKERS, a private, tightly controlled e-Maillist, . Watch discussion discourraged, focus is on bench practices for practicing clock repairers, for professionals in the clock trade.
    3. Clockzone, a clock oriented list open to anyone managed by Jeff Hamilton
    4. NAWCC Members Forum, a maillist open only to members of the Natl. Assoc.of Watch and Clock Collectors (dedicated to Association issues and events only)
    5. SUNDIALS: A specialist mailinglist, to subscribe: Send a no-subject message to: majordomo@rrz.uni-koeln.de The message must include the only the following two lines of text and no signature:
      subscribe sundial
    6. The Beginners Horology Club: Managed by Tim Sweet at M.O.S.T. Send a blank e-mail to: bhclub-request@geekyl.ebtech.net
    7. Watches, a maillist for collectors and dealers of wrist and pocketwatches, sponsered by "tias". To subscribe send e-mail to Majordomo@tias.com with the subject Watches and the text Subscribe watch
    8. Mike Murrays List of Horological Maillists
    9. The Timex Funwatch Maillist, for Timex Datalink watches, Beepwear etc

  10. Bulletin Boards, Forums and Sites on On-Line services:
    1. British Horological Institute, maintains a members only discussion forum
    2. Clockard Bulletin Board, by Dave Duncan
    3. Equation of Time This commercial website maintains a discussion forum, mainly on high grade contemporary writswatches
    4. Metal Web News, the home of Metalworking enthusiasts
    5. Mike Murrays Horological Chat Room , contact Mike for Information
    6. Rolex Forum, a electronic Message Board
    7. Schmuckecke-Forum (on Watches, in German)
    8. Timzones Forum , mainly contemporary, upscale watch oriented
    9. Taskunauris, a Watch forum board in Finland (in Finnish)
    10. Watchnet, a bulletin board and forum
    11. Watchweb(USA, Nevada) A Bulletinboard system to discuss watches
    12. Watch Bulletin Board by Hanks Timeless Treasures
    13. The "Internet Horology Club" is a commercial enterprise started by Tim Sweet of M.O.S.T.introductory offer $20.- lifetime membership, started June 1997

  11. Horological Dictionaries and Encyclopedias (online)
    1. Know your CLOCK TERMINOLOGY , courtesey of BHI
    2. German/English Horological Dictionaryby Wolfgang Schaller
    3. B. Roland (Switzerland), website with comprehensive dictonary of horological terms
    4. Glossary of Terms for Watch Collectors ( by R. Paige)
    5. Glossaire (in French), explanation of watch terminology, by Fred Mantion
    6. Uhren Fachlexikon, in German, from Zeit-Gefuehl
    7. Uhren-Lexikon (by Schmuckecke St.Augustin) in German
    8. Dictionaire horologique, in French, a comprehensive Glossary of horological terms
  12. Horological online Databases, Directories and Calendars, Specialised Web Indexes etc
    1. Chealwatch, UK: A watchparts database (on CD ROM)
    2. Electronic Master Index fo NAWCC Bulletin, available for $ 40.-- from DonnL, Paincl search software.
    3. Horological Dates to Remember (the NAWCC Calender)
    4. Horologist visible in Cyberspace (a Directory of e-mail addresses) Alphabetical by Name
    5. Watchwebs' Telephone directoryof US distributors by Watch Brand name (USA)
    6. Mike's: USA Horological Telephone Book
    7. Timezone's Address Directory: Lists mainly watch retailers
    8. Mailing Addresses (Postal Mail) of Watch Brands in Switzerland Courtesey of OldTimes
    9. Taiwan sources for Timepieces, a online database
    10. Watch Movements: Sizes (a tabel translating size/lignes/mm/inchcomparing
    11. Germany: Virtual Museum: The WatchMuseum (sponsored by F.C.I. Chronometries GmbH
    12. Glossary of Time Sychronisation Terms (by CSTV)
    13. Darweb's Swiss Watches News page, and News Archives
    14. A Directory of Clock websites
    15. Formulas and Glossaryregarding Wire Rope for Clockweights
    16. Taiwan: Directory of Supplieres of Timepieces and Accessories in Taiwan
    17. Meister der Uhrmacherkunst: (In German) A list of the most eminent horologists of all time
    18. Index to resources on the History of Astronomy
    19. Timezone Resource Guide
    20. Database of Horological Patents:Time Measuring Systems
    21. UK: Sussex: CHEALWATCHCD-ROM of available watchparts by Chealwatch
    22. Database of Horological Patents:Cross References Art Collections
    23. Horological Patent Review by Centredoc (Swiss based), serves corporate accounts
    24. Horological Internatl. News Digest by Centredoc (Swiss based), serves corporate accounts
    25. Comprehensive index to about 100 links toSUNDIAL related websites
    26. Watch Industry International News Digest (by Centredoc, Switzerland)
    27. Yahoos Clock List:
    28. Yahoos Watch List:
    29. Maloneys' On-Line CLOCKS page

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